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Monday, 16 August 2010

Belgian blog love: Style For Guys

1. Who are you?
          I'm a law student turned freelance journalist and journalism student.

2. Where are you from?
          Belgium, with Caribbean roots

3. How would you describe your blog/site?
          As an online style guide, source of inspiration and news for men as
well as fashion-related stories for all.

4. What can visitors find on your blog/site?
          Short articles voicing my opinion, accompanied by pictures.

5. Why should people visit "", according to you?

          To get a look at the inspiring styles of people and places in
Belgium, nicely organised and with a good eye for all things
Diesel via "Style For Guys"
Matthew Williamson via "Style for Guys"
Style tips on "Style For Guys"
Essential via "Style for Guys"
New Look via "Style for Guys"
Sjaak Hullekens via "Style for Guys" via "Style For Guys"
Surface to Air via "Style for Guys"
Matthew Williamson via "Style for Guys"

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