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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Style evolution (N°1)

There is a strong movement of “going away from the eighties style” in two different directions:

(1) Some go towards the nineties look with fluo – shiny clothing and rather unknown materials, such as shiny cycle shorts (short leggings) or new beat hairstyles (see trendspotting) for example. This is mainly inspired by the “early nineties techno fever”. Influential stylish young artists were very young 20 years ago, and never really have lived this ever present style of the fluo. It attracts them now. Also the new materials are clearly becoming intriguing

(2) Others rather go back (again) towards the very late sixties look with “hippy hear bands”, “toe-free” shoes and Sgt. Peppers jackets (see trendspotting). This trend is clearly inspired by the album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heartsclub Band” by the Beatles (1967) and (again) Woodstock (1969).

Regardless the fact that currently there somewhat seem to be two different directions, I do believe that the nineties soon will be the most dominant style and look. After all, the in the nineties widely present reaction against the resurrection of colors and high tech materials was the late sixties inspired grunge look.

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