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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Belgian blog love: New Look blog

1. Who are you?
             4  bloggers : Juliette, Klodia, Laura & Dominique 

2. Where are you from
          Juliette and Laura are from France, 
          Klodia and Dominique are from Belgium     
3. How would you describe your blog/site?

          All things from "New Look" + some great style advice.  

4. What can visitors find on your blog/site?  
             New Look scoops, interviews with our favourite Belgian, Dutch and French bloggers, key items of the season,...  

5. Why should people visit "", according to you? 
             We love the Modenaar’s trend spotting! Faux fur and oversized men’s pants : great call!!! 

It is true that "New Look" does like trends and trend spotting. Have a look at the trends in their newest IDOL collection, the brand new GOLD by Giles designed by Giles Deacon, and many other collections you can find online.

To have a quick look, you can see the picture below.

Abstract art prints via "New Look" IDOL collection
     For more inspiration check out Trend spotting here

Fairisle Trend via "New Look"
     For more Fairisle inspiration, check out here

Maxi dresses trend via "New Look" new IDOL collection
     For more Maxi Dress inspiration, check out here

Flower trend via "New Look"
     For more flower inspiration, check out here

Sgt. Pepper Jacket via "New Look" new IDOL collection
     For more Sgt. Pepper inspiration, check out here

Stripes via "New Look"
     For more stripes inspiration, check out here

Click here to check out the blog

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